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02/27/2023 – All Taylor County trails are open with the following EXCEPTIONS. Trail 86 (northeast of Trail 21) and Trail 21 (east of County Trail G) are closed due to a recent land ownership change. ATV’s are prohibited on winter trails when the air temperature is above 28 degrees F. Also, UTV’s are not allowed on any winter trails in Taylor County. Riders will experience icy and rough conditions. Please ride with caution.



















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Courthouse CLOSED at Noon on 4/7/2023

Courthouse & all County buildings will close at Noon on Good Friday - 4/7/2023.

Taylor County Appliances & Electronics Collection – 5/13/2023

Flyer Information - Appliances & Electronics Collection

Taylor County Clean Sweep – 5/13/2023

Flyer Information - Household & Agricultural Clean Sweep

Weight Limits

Pursuant to State Statute 349.16 all Taylor County highways will be posted for seasonal weight limits as of 12:00 P.M (NOON) on Monday, March 13, 2023. All Taylor County highways will be posted allowing for a maximum of 7 tons per axle...

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