The Taylor County Forest is a large and actively managed public land that offers excellent whitetail deer habitat and hunting opportunities. The Forest has exceptional access with over 125 miles of roads and trails open to the public. A locally high deer population is causing areas of this forest to suffer due to excessive browsing on tree seedlings and saplings.  The Taylor County Forestry Department is providing an opportunity to harvest antlerless deer by issuing a limited number of antlerless tags for a designated area within the County Forest to help control this forest damage.  To participate in this program, you must have an active deer hunting license.  One tag issued per person at a time.  As part of the program, you will need to provide information to the County Forestry Dept before and after a tag is issued. The County Forest is also a great opportunity to use any public issued tag.  Please stop in or call the County Forestry Dept at 715-748-1486 for additional details.