Circuit Court


Ann Knox Bauer, Honorable Judge

Location & Mailing Address:
224 South Second Street
Medford, WI  54451

Phone:  715 . 748 . 1435
Fax:  715 . 748 . 1524

Office is located on the 2nd Floor of the Courthouse.

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Circuit Court Judges are elected on a non-partisan basis for a six-year term at the April election. The term of office begins in August following the election. The Circuit Court has original jurisdiction in civil and criminal matters. The judge is responsible for estates, wills for safekeeping, survivorships, guardianships, trusts, mental commitment hearings, juvenile court referrals and related juvenile matters. Appointed by the Chief Judge of the 9th Judicial District, Family Court Commissioner Bonnie Wachsmuth performs quasi-judicial duties and directs the family court counseling services, working under the direction of the circuit court judge. Typical duties are: conducting stipulated divorce hearings; hearings on temporary orders in divorce; enforcement of physical placement hearings; child support hearings; revision of support, placement and custody hearings; and injunction hearings. The FCC also facilitates the appointment of mediators and the mediation process that is required in any case where placement or custody of a minor child is contested.