Taylor County Clerk of Court
Jill Scheithauer, Clerk

The Clerk of Circuit Court is elected every four years at a November election. The responsibilities of the clerk are keeping a record of all civil and criminal actions filed in court, including all citations issued for traffic and ordinance violations. The Clerk acts as a custodian of all trust funds deposited as a result of court action, and collects all fines, forfeitures and court costs as ordered by the court. The Clerk maintains minute sheets and exhibits which are entered for each court proceeding in open court. The jury selection process and records are maintained by the Clerk of Circuit Court. The office also processes passport applications, including passport photos.

Topics Clerk of Court Staff Can Speak About

Jury service; deferred payment plans; passport applications; procedures for unpaid fines; procedures for small claims; procedures for pro se divorce actions; the Circuit Court Automation Program, and the court system in general.

THE CLERK OF CIRCUIT COURT AND STAFF ARE NOT ALLOWED TO GIVE LEGAL ADVICE.  Legal questions should be directed to your attorney or to the Lawyer Referral Service at 1-800-362-9082.


Location & Mailing Address:
224 South Second Street
Medford, WI 54451

Phone:  715.748.1425

Hearing Impaired:  1.800.WI.RELAY (1.800.947.3529)

Fax:  715.748.2465

Courthouse 2nd Floor