Personal Emergency Response Services (CARE CALL)

Special equipment permits Taylor County seniors and persons with special needs to use remote control to call for help 24 hours a day, even though the person is not near the telephone.

In an emergency, the first call for help is the most important. When the call for help is made, trained responders move into action. They identify the problem, determine what is needed to help, and dispatch help quickly.

The Care Call personal emergency response service is the best solution to a need for emergency help. Personally trained personnel respond to your call at the touch of a button.

Many Taylor County men and women already enjoy the peace of mind knowing that Care Call is on duty twenty-four hours per day for their families.

The two-way voice communications feature of the Care Call service is a great advantage over other available monitors. You can request help by talking with the operator. Of course, if you initiate the call but are unable to speak, the operator will still respond by dispatching assistance immediately.

Two types of personal emergency response systems are available. One is a unit which works in conjunction with your existing telephone and the other is a complete telephone unit which would replace your existing telephone. Both units include a pendant or wrist band. In either case, when you do not need to activate the Care Call service, your telephone will function with all the standard uses of other telephones.

Both the unit and pendant, which can be worn discreetly or placed near your bed, feature an emergency button programmed to dial the monitoring headquarters, the second component of the system. When your pendant calls the response center, your account information is automatically displayed on a computer screen so the operator can identify you without you ever having to say a word. The account information includes your medical condition, medications you are taking and persons to contact in case of an emergency. You will supply this important information on your application for service, allowing the operator to notify those who care most about you that you have requested medical assistance.

The cost of this around-the-clock service is surprisingly affordable; in fact, it costs less than a dollar a day to know that help is just a button away.

This service is provided by the taylor County Commission on Aging. We are interested in the health and safety of the community and know that Care Call is an asset to those efforts.

You can install peace of mind in your home or the home of a loved one today. You will be providing both independence and security at the same time. Make a call today to have your personal emergency response system installed.

Personal Independence with Peace of Mind Whether it’s routine assistance of emergency response, the Care Call system provides the extra security that brings peace of mind. With this telephone from the Taylor County Commission on Aging, seniors and persons with special needs can maintain their independence in the comfort of home, knowing help is just a push button away, with the assurance of 24-hour monitoring.

Who can benefit from Care Call?

  • Senior Citizens
  • The physically challenged
  • The hearing impaired
  • Stroke patients
  • Diabetics
  • Heart attack patients
  • Individuals recovering from surgery
  • Persons living alone

Even if you don’t need the services provided by Care Call, you probably know someone who does. Why not give that special person, and yourself, peace of mind by installing an emergency response system today?