Home Delivered Meals

This program is offered county-wide when certification is received by either a doctor, nurse or social worker.

Whom do I contact about my meals? Where will my meal come from? What time will my meal arrive?
Home Delivered Meals is a program of the Taylor County Commission on Aging. It is designed to serve homebound individuals 60 years of age or older and their spouses who are unable to participate in the congregate meal program and who are physically or emotionally unable to obtain food and prepare adequate menus.

Before service is started, the office needs to obtain a certification from a doctor, nurse or social worker. You may phone our office to obtain more information regarding certification.

Some reasons for certification are:

  • Illness
  • Blindness
  • Recovery from surgery
  • Inability to prepare meals
  • Need for proper nutrition

Depending on where the recipient lives, either hot or frozen meals are available. If the older person lives near a congregate lunch site, hot meals are delivered by volunteers during the week. For those in isolated or rural areas, a few day’s or a week’s supply of frozen meals can be delivered.

Each meal, either hot or frozen, contains 3 oz. of meat or meat alternative, and two 1/2 cup servings of vegatables, plus bread, dessert, and milk. Meals are planned to be low in fat and sodium, but if a special diet is recommended by a physician, we may be able to accommodate you.

What if I need a special diet? 
If a special diet is recommended by a physician, we may be able to accommodate you.

What if I can’t be at home when the meal arrives?
If you won’t be home at noon because of doctor’s appointment or other circumstances, be sure to let your Meal Site Manager or the Commission on Aging Office know in advance, preferably before 9:00 a.m.

Note: If we bring a meal to your home and you don’t answer the door, we’ll assume that you’re in an emergency situation and we’ll call your contact person or alert an emergency agency, so please remember to cancel your meal for the day you won’t be home.

How long can I receive the meals?
You are eligible to receive meals in your home as long as you are physically unable to prepare your own meals and there is no one available to do so for you. If you feel the meals are no longer needed, you can cancel them at any time by calling the Commission on Aging Office.

How much do I pay for the meals?
If you are age 60 or older, you pay by making a donation toward the cost of the meal. You must decide how much to give according to how much you can afford and how important the meals are to you. Call the COA office for the current suggested donation. You may make your donation daily, weekly, or monthly to the driver, or by check to the Commission on Aging.

What happens if there is a storm?
We don’t send our drivers out on days when schools have been cancelled due to weather conditions. Listen to WIGM (am) or WKEB (fm) in Medford. We suggest you be prepared by keeping an emergency food supply of easily prepared food on hand.

If you know of someone in need of HOME DELIEVERD MEALS or someone who would like to volunteer, please contact the Commission on Aging office.

Please Remember! Donate what you can. A donation today helps provide meals for tomorrow!