Highway Department
Benjamin Stanfley, Commissioner

Weight Limit Notice – March 13, 2023

The Taylor County Highway Department has announced that pursuant to State Statute 349.16 all Taylor County highways will be posted for seasonal weight limits as of 12:00 P.M (NOON) on Monday, March 13, 2023.

All Taylor County highways will be posted allowing for a maximum of 7 tons per axle with a maximum gross vehicle weight not to exceed 20 tons.

80,000 lb. legal loads are allowed on CTH O from STH 13 to CTH Q and on CTH Q from STH 64 to Center Avenue.

By Order of the Taylor County Highway Commissioner

The Highway Commissioner is the administrator of the Highway Department and has charge of the construction and maintenance of highways under the direction of the Highway Committee. Duties include the responsibility for the necessary engineering studies, surveys, plans and cost estimates for highway construction; care and maintenance of county road equipment and supplies; recording all expenditures; plan and supervise highway maintenance and construction work on the county trunk highway system; and provide the general maintenance of the state highways.