Cost-share assistance is provided for conserving and protecting land and water resources throughout the county. Cost-share rates in most cases are 70% of total project cost.

Cost-share funds are provided by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection for implementation of the Taylor County Land and Water Resource Management Plan.

Additional assistance for land and water conservation and protection may be available through NRCS and other programs.

Technical assistance is available by the Engineering Technician.

List of Conservation Practices

  • manure storage closures
  • barnyard runoff systems
  • access roads
  • cattle crossings
  • animals trails and walkways
  • critical area stabilization
  • diversions
  • field windbreaks
  • filter strips
  • grade stabilization structures
  • heavy use area protection
  • milking center waste control
  • roof runoff systems
  • sediment basins
  • sinkhole treatment
  • stream bank and shoreline protection
  • subsurface drains
  • terrace systems
  • underground outlet
  • waste transfer system
  • wastewater treatment strip
  • water and sediment control basins
  • well decommissioning
  • wetland restoration
  • waterway systems

Contact Klayton Kree, Engineering Technician, 715-748-1469