Taylor County Surveyor
Robert Meyer, Administrator

Location & Mailing Address:
224 South Second Street
Medford, WI 54451

Phone: 715.748.1459

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WI Society of Land Surveyors
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WI County Surveyor’s Association
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Do you need your property surveyed? [Click Here] for a list of private surveyors who work in Taylor County.


The County Surveyor files maps such as boundary surveys, right-of-way plats, assessor’s plats and certified surveys received from registered land surveyors and assists the public with questions relating to them. He manages the remonumentation and perpetuation of the Public Land Survey System and does surveys of County-owned properties under the direction of the Taylor County Land Information Committee. The County Surveyor is Taylor County’s Land Information Officer, which guides the development and maintenance of the Land Information System. Much of this information is available to the public via Taylor County’s Geographic Information Web Server, please [Click Here].