Taylor County Sheriff’s Office
Larry Woebbeking, Sheriff
Corey Dassow, Chief Deputy

The Sheriff is the Chief Law Enforcement Officer elected for a four-year term. He is empowered to correct any unlawful situation that may occur. The Sheriff is presumed to be on duty twenty-four hours per day and is responsible for the protection of all citizens. It is the duty of the Sheriff to take charge and custody of the jail and the persons held there, and is responsible for Sheriff’s Sales. The Sheriff sees that all areas of the county are properly patrolled, accidents are investigated, and thefts and burglaries are handled promptly and properly. The Sheriff also directs the operation of the E-911 Communications Center which receives and dispatches calls for all emergency services.


Become a part of the MOST Successful Crime-Stopping Program Around. The Community Needs You!

If you have information regarding a crime CALL 1.866.89.CRIME

Remain Anonymous and receive a CASH REWARD UP TO $1,000

What is Crime Stoppers?
CRIME STOPPERS is a program that involves the public, the media and the police in a fight against crime. The program offers anonymity and cash rewards to persons who furnish information leading to the arrest of offenders and the capture of fugitives.

Citizens of any age who may have information concerning a crime can call our Toll-Free Crime Stopper TIP LINE at 1.866.892.7463. When you place the call, it is received on a private non-recorded phone line in the dispatch center at the Sheriff’s Department. The dispatcher will log the time, date and brief summary of the caller’s information. The caller is given a secret code number which is used in any subsequent transactions.

Callers may remain anonymous, with no pressure to reveal their identity. If the caller’s information results in the arrest of a criminal apprehension of a fugitive, arrangements are then made so the person can receive the reward in CASH and preserve their anonymity.

Nationally, CRIME STOPPERS cases have a 97% conviction rate. Wisconsin CRIME STOPPER Organization has recovered nearly $6 Million in Drugs and Property. The program works for you!

CRIME STOPPERS is a non-profit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and is funded through donations from the public. Contributions are tax deductible. If you wish to make a donation to Crime Stoppers, please call the Taylor County Sheriff’s Department at 748.2200 for further information or send donations to:

Taylor County Crime Stoppers 224 South Second Street, Medford, WI 54451

We Need Your Support!

Drunk Driver Signs

  • unusually wide turns
  • straddling the center lane or lane marker
  • weaving or swerving
  • sudden stops
  • tailgating
  • abrupt or illegal turns
  • rapid acceleration
  • no headlights at night
  • nearly hitting a car or object
  • drifting
  • slow response to traffic signals
  • driving in the wrong direction

What You Can Do

  • Maintain a safe distance. Don’t try to pass; the drunk driver might swerve into you.
  • If a drunk driver is behind you, turn right at the nearest intersection so the car can pass you.
  • If the drunk driver is coming head-on, move right to the shoulder and stop. Use your horn and lights to get his or her attention.
  • When approaching an intersection, especially after midnight, slow down and expect the unexpected.
  • Use your seatbelts and shoulder restraints, and keep your doors locked.
  • Get the drunk driver’s license number, get to a phone, and report it to the police.