Agenda Items

Note: The Committee will discuss and may act on the following items:

  1. Call meeting to order
  2. Approve minutes of the July 5, 2022 meeting
  3. Approve the agenda
  4. Approve bills and vouchers
  5. Educator Highlight Reports
    • Julie Diepenbrock, Taylor/Price 4-H Program Coordinator
    • Sandy Stuttgen: Agriculture education/programming
    • Michelle Grimm: Community Development and Strong Bodies
  6. FoodWIse Coordinator and Educator hiring updates
  7. Office trends/updates – Kelly Phillips
  8. 2023 proposed Extension budget
  9. 2023 draft contract between the county and Extension
  10. Area Extension Director Updates
  11. Set date for next committee meeting
  12. Adjournment

Posted:  August 29, 2022

Chairperson: Ray Soper  

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