Agenda Items
Note: The Committee will discuss and may act on the following items:

  1. Call Meeting to Order
  2. Attendance Recording
  3. Approve Agenda
  4. Approve Minutes of the January 9, 2024, Meeting
  5. Public Comment
  6. Approve 2024 Quality Improvement Plan
  7. Review and Approve New Crisis Plan
  8. Review and Approve Amendment to CCS Job Descriptions: Service Facilitator, Clinical Manager, Coordinator
  9. Adjourn

Posted: February 13, 2024 at 9:00 am
Chairperson:  Cally Bucknell, Chairperson


Topic: NCR-CCS Coordinating Committee Meeting

Meeting ID: 826 9243 5834

Passcode: 111574

One tap mobile: (312) 626-6799

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