Agenda Items
Note: The Committee will discuss and may act on the following items

  1. Call Meeting to Order.
  2. Approve the Agenda.
  3. Approve minutes of the July 7, 2022, Finance and Personnel Committee meeting.
  4. Treasurer’s Report.
  5. Discuss funding request from the Veterans Service Committee regarding the bill for the Rusk and Clark County Veterans Service Officers.
  6. Request for three [3] personal days for Nikki Sherman – Veterans Service Office.
  7. FLSA Status for Veterans Service Officer.
  8. Warrants and Payroll as submitted.
  9. Request to fill a Substitute Nutrition Site Manager in Gilman/Stetsonville as a Casual Employee-Commission on Aging.
  10. Carlson Dettmann recommendation – Children’s Long Term Support Case Manager position – Human Services Department.
  11. Request to approve job descriptions for Public Health Program Specialist and Public Health Coordinator – Health Department.
  12. Meet with Horton Group, Health Insurance Consultant, relative to 2023 Employee health insurance and 2023 employee contributions.
  13. Zoom option for committee meetings.
  14. Employee Handbook 3.6, Travel provisions.
  15. Use ARPA money to add a better speaker system to the County Board room.
  16. Establish goals and expectations for Human Resource Manager.
  17. Request to increase hours for employees of Treasurer’s Office. (added 8/8/2022 1:50 p.m.)
  18. Adjournment.


Posted:  8/5/2022 at 11:15 a.m.
Chairperson:  Charles Zenner

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