Agenda Items
Note: The Committee will discuss and may act on the following items:

  1. Call Meeting to Order.
  2. Approve the Agenda.
  3. Approve Minutes of the June 13, 2024 Meeting.
  4. Set Next Meeting Date.
  5. Review and Approve June Expenses and Revenue Reports.
  6. Public Comments (In the interest of time, each speaker will be limited to 3 minutes).
  7. Medical Examiner.
  8. Emergency Management Services.
  9. Ambulance Business.
  10. Sheriff’s Report & Law Enforcement Business.
  11. Taylor County Sheriff’s Office Law Enforcement Vehicle Use Policy.
  12. Placement of Medication and Sharp Drop Boxes. ADDED 7-10-24 @ 1:00pm
  13. The Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Committee may go into Closed Session by taking a roll call vote at approximately 1:30 p.m. pursuant to Section 19.85(1)(e), Wisconsin State Statutes, for the purpose of conducting public business with competitive or bargaining implications (topic: report from ambulance committee tasked with information gathering from alternative ambulance service providers).  No action will be taken in closed session.  The Closed Session is expected to last for approximately 45 minutes.   ADDED 7-9-24 @ 11:30am
  14. The meeting will reconvene in Open Session pursuant to Section 19.83, Wisconsin State Statutes, to take any necessary action on the matter discussed in Closed Session.  ADDED 7-9-24 @ 11:30am
  15. Adjourn.

Posted: July 5, 2024 at 11:30 a.m.
Chairperson: Lynn Rosemeyer

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