RFQ – Internet Services

Oct 11, 2021 | Public Notice

Taylor County, Wisconsin
Request for Quote – Internet Services

Taylor County is nearing completion of its middle-mile fiber network, including a WAN connecting approximately 30 local government/county/school/library sites across the county.  We are looking for pricing and information on Internet connectivity and optional network management/monitoring services.  Hardware at the remote sites will likely be Cisco/Meraki and is being procured from the county’s IT vendor.

  1. Internet Connectivity: IPv4/IPv6, all-inclusive MRC/NRC pricing including transport to Taylor County Courthouse, 224 South Second Street, Medford, WI, 54551.  See note below concerning network access, if needed.*
    1. 1 Gbps
      1. 1 year
      2. 3 year
      3. 5 year
    2.  10Gbs
      1. 1 year
      2. 3 year
      3. 5 year
    3. Dedicated IPv4 /24 static IP block and dedicated static IPv6 subnet.
      1. 1 year
      2. 3 year
      3. 5 year
  1. 24/7 Network management/monitoring of approximately 30 WAN links and devices (switches, wireless APs)

Other considerations:

  • Address if/how Taylor County can perform IPv4/IPv6 BGP routing with another ISP for diversity.
  • Address if/how you would accommodate IPv4/IPv6 BGP routing for a Taylor County network entity that already has a Class C (or larger) IP block.
  • Include information regarding your upstream transit connectivity, peering, and caching on your network.
  • Address standard/optional network security services you provide.
  • Include information on other ISP/network functionality you can provide to the county.
  • Indicate if you need to place any equipment at the hub (County Courthouse) site, and if so, what it is.

* Note:  WANRack, the county’s fiber network vendor, has connectivity to the Hwy 29 fiber route POPs located at Hwy 29 and Bachelor Avenue, east of Thorp, WI.  For connectivity discussion and pricing, please contact Blake Mayfield, Director of Business Development, 913-660-6085, blake.mayfield@wanrack.com.

Please submit any questions and your quotes (due 10/22/2021) to the county’s consultant for this project:

Russell Berg, CTO
Nokomis Networking