Zoning Department
Kyle Noonan, Administrator

The Zoning Administrator provides advisory, educational and enforcement supervision over environmental health problems of the entire county.  An essential responsibility is in the area of private waste disposal systems, which includes permitting, enforcing and inspecting of the State Plumbing Code. The Zoning Office receives information pertaining to septage disposal, soil information and other related issues for design, sizing and construction of private sewage systems. The department oversees the control of land division to encourage appropriate use of land; regulates and restricts the height of structures and objects of natural growth around the Taylor County Airport; administers shoreland zoning functions to promote public health and safety on navigable waters; oversees licensing and operation of non-metallic mining program for active gravel pits in the county; and is responsible for carrying out administrative requirements for non-ferrous metallic mineral mining.  The office also maintains uniform address system.  The Zoning Administrator acts as the Brownfield Site Coordinator to clean up contaminated sites to get back on the tax roll by resale to the public; regulates the siting and construction of new mobile service support structures and facilities; and serves as ex-officio to the Land Use Advisory Committee for completing and updating the Taylor County Land Use Plan.  The Zoning Administrator administers these codes: Sanitary Code, Subdivision Control, Shoreland Zoning, Non-Metallic Mining Reclamation, Non-Ferrous Metallic Mineral Mining, Floodplain Zoning, Uniform County Address System, Airport Zoning, Telecommunications Facilities, Comprehensive Plan and Contaminated Soils.

Fee Schedule

  • Conventional (Trench/Bed/Infiltrator).  $300
  • Holding Tank (includes recording HTA). $400
  • Mound or At-Grade. $400
  • Inground Pressure.  $350
  • Sand Filter. $450
  • Reconnection. $100
  • Privy (Vault/Pit/Composting/Incinerator). $75
  • Renewal.  $50
  • Owner Transfer/Plumber Revision. $40
  • Plan Revision.  $40
  • Reinspection. $50
  • Commercial Over 4,000 Gallons. +$400 to permit fee
  • Soil Report Filing Fee.  $30 / $60 if late
  • Zoning Permit. $100
  • After-the-Fact Zoning Permit. $200
  • Board of Adjustment. $400
  • Appeals to Zoning Committee. $275
  • UCAS Application (for sign & post). $50
  • UCAS Sign (sign only). $25
  • POWTS Evaluation Report Non-Compliance. $1,000