Corporation Counsel
Attys, Courtney Graff, Ruthann Koch

The Corporation Counsel is appointed by the County Board of Supervisors to represent the county.  This includes serving its departments, its officers, and boards in all legal matters, including providing civil litigation representation, serving as County Board Parliamentarian, and providing legal opinions.  Corpoation Counsel drafts resolutions and ordinances on matters arising before the County Board and facilitates the requests to revise Taylor County Code.  As a legal advisor and county attorney, it is the duty of this office to advise and represent various county departments on matters concerning public welfare, mental health, children in need of protection or services, protective placements, guardianship proceedings, collections, fore-closures of tax delinquent property, title searches, acquisition of lands, transfer sales or exchanges and bankruptcies.  Further, they represent the state of Wisconsin as the attorney for the Child Support Agency.