Taylor County Housing Authority 
Sam Zipprich, Director

On February 5, 1992, the Taylor County Board of Supervisors passed a Fair Housing Ordinance. It is a declared policy of the County that all persons shall have an equal opportunity for housing.

Housing Cost Reduction Initiative (HCRI)
HCRI assistance is intended for low-income households. We can provide interest-free loans for past due rent, past due utility bills, first month’s rent, and security deposits.  Homeowners with past due mortgage payments, property taxes, utilities and homeowner’s insurance can also apply.  Funds are limited due to this being a Revolving Loan Program. 

Private Onsite Waste Treatment Systems (POWTS)
POWTS funds are available to low and moderate income households.  Loans will not exceed $20,000 with loan terms ranging from four to ten years.  To be eligible for a POWTS loan you must meet the following guidelines:

  • Existing POWTS is non-code compliant.
  • Own the property and live there at least 51% of the year.
  • Property taxes must be paid in full.
  • Property must be insurance.
  • The last 3-year average gross annual income must be less than $64,000.
  • Soil test paid for by applicant to determine type of new system needed.
  • A minimum of two bids of cost estimates from plumbers.

Section 8 Long-Term Rental Program
This program is no longer administered by Taylor County Housing Authority. Please Contact Integrated Community Solutions at 920-498-3737.

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)
CDBG funds are available on a limited basis for home repairs to income-eligible homeowners. We will provide help with siding, wiring, heating, roofing, plumbing, insulation, grab bars, foundation repairs, well/septic systems, accessibility modifications and replacing doors and windows. Emergency funds are available for well / septic replacement, lead-based paint/asbestos abatement and hazardous wiring, heating, or roofing. This is a 0% interest free deferred payment loan program.

HCRI Homebuyers Program
Funds will be available to income-eligible households for purchasing a home. The home must be located in Taylor County. We can assist with a 0% interest, deferred payment home loan for down payment and/or closing costs. There will be a minimum contribution requirement from the homebuyer.  The loan becomes payable in full when the home purchased is no longer the primary residence.

Home Program
Home program is a lot like the CDBG program.   
 Funds are provided for making essential improvements to single-family homes serving as the principal residence of LMI owners.  Eligible costs include energy-related improvements, accessibility improvements, lead-based paint hazard reduction, and repair of code violations.  This is a 0% interest free deferred payment loan program.  The loan becomes payable in full when the home is no longer the primary residence.