Passport Reference Information – [ Click Here. ]

Practically all passport reference information is available at this site, including: a listing of acceptance facilities, application forms that may be downloaded, detailed explanations of service options – such as expedite fee, and much more.

Passport application forms are also available through this office, as well as the passport photographs.

The following items are needed to apply for a passport:

  1. Two passport photographs.
  2. Certified copy of your birth certificate available from the county you were born in.
  3. Passport fee.
  4. Proof of identity (i.e. photo I.D., driver’s license, etc).
  5. If name changed from birth, proof of how your name changed (i.e., certified copy of court order, marriage certificate, certified divorce decree, etc).

Please arrive at least 30 minutes before closing to allow enough time to process your passport application and photos. Allow for longer time, if a family of three or more is applying at the same time.