Invasive Species Program

Taylor County is part of the Upper Chippewa Invasive Species Cooperative.  The cooperative includes private citizens, private businesses, the USFS, other County Conservation Departments and the DNR.

Projects include:

  • Mapping of invasive species in Taylor, Price, Rusk and Sawyer Counties. – Summers of 2014/2015
  • Educating road workers of the invasive species locations and how to control them – Future Project
  • Buckthron cut and spray – Spring or Summer Every Year
  • Experiment to control buckthorn with goats – Summer of 2015
  • Beaver Creek Reserve released Purple Loosestrife beetles to control the invasive – Summer 2015

For upcoming events, see the calendar link on the Land Conservation Department’s homepage.

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Aquatic Species Survey
During the summer of 2015, 27 lakes in Taylor County were surveyed for aquatic species, both native and invasive.  The mapping was done by Golden Sands RC&D.

[click here] for the survey summaries


Species mapped in Taylor County include:
Black Locust
Common and Glossy Buckthorn
Common Tansy
Japanese Knotweed
Poison Hemlock
Purple Loosestrife
Spotted Knapweed
Wild Parsnip

Other species mapped: black locust, comfrey, swamp thistle, creeping bellwort, sweet clover, Russian knapweed