Tree and Shrub Sale

Taylor County’s Tree and Shrub sale has been offered for over 20 years.  More than 215,000 trees have been sold since 2003. The sale includes a variety of conifers, hardwoods and shrubs, as well as mixed packages and planting supplies.  Species are chosen based on conservation and wildlife value, native status and ability to thrive in northcentral Wisconsin.

The new order form becomes available in October of each year and the sale continues until trees are sold out. Trees are picked up in the spring, near the end of April depending on weather conditions.

We now have an Online Tree Store!  Visit to see our inventory and purchase trees.

Taylor County LCD is a retailer of Plantskydd Wildlife Repellent.  See Plantskydd Brochure for product details.  

Tree planting bars are available to borrow (reserving one is recommended for spring).

A tree planter is available to rent – rental fee is $25 per day.  Call ahead to reserve the planter for the spring.

Tree Planter Rental Agreement

Interested in tree shelters to protect your seedlings? Check out Golden Sands RC&D’s 2024 tree shelter sale for the right tree protector for you. Click

We are happy to help if you need assistance picking the best trees for your soil type.