Permit and Licensing

Food & Restaurants

The Taylor County Health Department is an Agent to the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP). As an agent to DATCP, we manage the licensing and inspection program of all retail food, lodging and recreation facilities in Taylor County. Additional information for each type of facility can be found below. If you are starting a new business or adding a service to your current business (for example selling food), inspections are required.

To apply for a new license:

  1. Download the relevant forms i.e. application, plan review (see links below)
  2. Fill them out completely.
  3. Send forms via:
    1. Mail – Taylor County Health Department, 224 S 2nd Street, Medford, WI 54451
    2. Email –
  4. Complete the payment you can mail a check or pay online [ Here ]
  5. Call 715-748-1410 to schedule a pre-inspection.

Retail food establishments:

Typically separated into two categories. “Serving Meals” and “Not Serving Meals”.

“Serving Meals” is usually a restaurant, tavern, or bar that serves food that is ready for consumption at the facility, for take-out, or for delivery. The food requires no further preparation once it is served.

“Not Serving Meals” is usually a grocery store, gas station, or bakery that sells food that is intended to be taken home for further processing or consumption.

​If you are opening a new retail food facility or there is a change in ownership, a new application must be filled out and submitted.

The application for Retail Food Licensing can be downloaded [ here ].

Retail food establishments also have different levels of complexity that are determined by what type of food is sold, the food processing taking place, and/or how much food is sold. To help you determine what level of complexity your license will be.

You can use the complexity calculators downloaded here:

Plan Review:

New construction or remodeling of your kitchen area requires a plan review.

Plan review forms can be downloaded [ here ].

Transient retail food establishments:

A food establishment that operates at a fixed location in conjunction with a special event and sells or serves food for a period of no more than 14 consecutive days or in conjunction with an occasional sales promotion. An example is food stands (not trucks) at Parkfest. Transient applications are due at least 14 days prior to the first event.  See WI Food Code for complete instructions on how to run a transient retail food establishment [ here ]

Transient retail food establishment application can be downloaded [ here ].

If you have questions about licensing requirements, or need any of the above documents printed please call the Taylor County Health Department before submitting the forms and payment. We can be reached at (715) 748-1410 or