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Taylor County Health Department is the home for The Northern Wisconsin Radon Information Center serving citizens of Ashland, Bayfield, Iron, Lincoln, Price, Rusk and Taylor County.

Radon Testing
Radon is a naturally occurring, odorless, radioactive gas that can seep into a house through the foundation, causing cancer. Every region of Wisconsin has some homes with elevated radon levels. The only way to find out if you have elevated radon levels in your home is to measure it.

Radon Testing Kits
Since you cannot see or smell radon, special equipment is needed to detect it. There are two kinds of radon testing kits. Passive radon testing devices include radon detectors, such as charcoal canisters, alpha-track detectors and charcoal liquid scintillation devices. They are exposed to the air in the lowest, lived in level for a specific period of time, and then sent to a laboratory for analysis. The second kind of testing is active radon detectors, which require operation by trained testers.  Radon testing kits are available in some hardware stores and at your local health departments.

When should I test for radon?

  • All homes should be tested for radon
  • Especially, before buying a home
  • Especially, before selling your home

How do I get my results?
The results are mailed to you with pertinent information from the Northern Wisconsin Radon Information Center or your health department.

For more information or to request a radon kit, contact the Taylor County Health Department at 715 . 748 . 1410 – option 5 or the Northern Wisconsin Radon Information Center at 1 . 888 . low . radon (888 . 569 . 7236).

Anthony Fraundorf, R.S.
Environmental Health Specialist