Overdose Prevention

  • In Taylor County, we are committed to educating and providing resources for all individuals – addiction is something that can happen to anyone and chances are, you may know someone who struggles with addiction. We offer FREE overdose prevention trainings where each participant will learn to identify the signs of an overdose, learn how to use nasal naloxone, and receive up to 4 free doses of nasal naloxone.
  • Wisconsin’s opioid epidemic began more than 20 years ago. It started with the overprescribing of prescription pain relievers. When these drugs became harder to get for nonmedical use, heroin use increased. Heroin was more available and cheaper. Today, illegally manufactured fentanyl and other opioids are being mixed with other drugs. This mixing is the reason why opioid overdose deaths remain high in Wisconsin. Help the people in your life understand the risks of opioid use by getting the facts for yourself.